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Bonum Hospice Services serves the residents in California.

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Bonum Hospice Services

Hospice and Palliative Care in Burbank, California

Life throws us challenges – some we’re not personally prepared for, and in other cases our family may not be prepared to face. Regardless the health challenges you may be facing, Bonum Hospice Services is ready to assist. We provide the caring and compassionate assistance that families need when confronting a terminal illness that limits their years of life. In such circumstances, we focus on making life meaningful instead of pursuing curative treatments that are no longer effective in the patient’s health situation.

What We Do

Bonum Hospice Services is a provider of end-of-life care. We address the multi-faceted needs of our clients and their family members, focusing on comfort when a cure is no longer an option. Our staff coordinates with your physician in order to design a hospice care plan that can be applied in your particular home setting. Or, if you prefer hospice support with inpatient care or Palliative Services in California, Bonum Hospice Services will be open to making arrangements as well. It doesn’t matter where you want to receive hospice services, our team is willing and fully able to adjust to your preferences for Hospice and Palliative Care in California.

Mission Statement

Bonum Hospice Services holds a record of being the most recommended hospice care provider in the community. Our mission has always been to ensure that the comfort of the patient is achieved whether he or she is receiving hospice care at home, in the hospital or a nursing care facility.

Where you are, there we will be – caring for you through the most difficult moments in your health.

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