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Communication is a large part of a person’s life; it is our means of connecting with one another where we are able to express our feelings, ideas, and information, making it possible for us to achieve individual or collective goals and build relationships with our peers. Despite all that, being able to communicate or do so properly is not applicable to everyone. Here at Bonum Hospice Services, we can guide those who face this challenge through our palliative services in California!

Speech therapy is a type of treatment that specializes in treating people who have problems with their communication skills and/or those with speech disorders, using various techniques. Through physician services, this type of therapy may be recommended for people who have:

  • Aphasia

    This causes difficulty in reading, speaking, and writing and usually develops after a stroke.

  • Cognitive-communication disorders

    This condition affects a person’s thinking ability and communication, causing issues with listening, memory, speaking, and more.

  • Dysarthria

    This slows down a person’s speech or causes them to slur due to weakened muscles.

  • Expressive disorders

    Conveying their thoughts through words becomes difficult with this condition, which is linked to other neurological issues such as developmental delays.

As a hospice care provider in California, we aim to provide patients with comfort through high-quality treatment and support to lessen the heaviness of difficult times. With consistent and patient guidance in speech therapy, a person can reach their full potential, making it possible for them to communicate clearly and more, making life better.

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